Fit Tips

Watch Karen’s quick Fit Tips to help you lose weight and get in shape — your tool to living a longer and stronger life.

Tips to Eat Less

VIDEO: New studies reveal that your eating habits can expand your waistline. Here are some tips to keep from shoveling down food too fast.

Sizing Up Sports Drinks

VIDEO: Amidst a market flooded with high-tech sports drinks, studies show “nature’s” recovery drink to be the most effective exercise beverage.

Beer Belly Anatomy 101

VIDEO: Belly fat is biologically different from fat that’s on the buttocks, thigh and hips. It secretes hormones and has its own blood supply which can lead to several life-threatening diseases.

Trimming Belly Fat

VIDEO: Fat that settles around your middle is a serious health risk factor. Here’s what works (and doesn’t work) in your attempts to defat your belly.

Heart Disease at Work

VIDEO: Men often say they don’t have time to exercise, but here’s a new trend that combats the risks for mortality.

Pre-Exercise Hydration

VIDEO: When you exercise and work up a good sweat, you need additional fluids. Here are some quick fluid facts for when you’re getting fit.

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