Fit Minute

strawberries_dollarphotoclub_52584488_600x406Do you suffer from infobesity? Does too much information leave you confused or too exasperated to grasp the how-to’s of optimum health and weight loss? Well, suffer no more. Starting today, posts tagged as Fit Minute are ‘microposts‘ — 60-second doses of healthy living bullet points. Stay informed without overloading your brain. Now you (and I) will have more time to work out. 😀

* Build Healthy Habits that Last *

Click on any of the Fit Minute links below:

One thought on “Fit Minute

  1. Karen thank you for helping to encourage me to eat healthy and exercise.
    I know that you have help me in so many ways.
    I am thankful to know you.
    I sorry about your Dad. Hope and pray for healing.
    It was so nice to see you Monday.
    very best to you, Elena


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