Do This and You’ll Be Happier

Skiing_catching air_istock_000002966698xsmallWhen was the last time you were totally immersed in the moment and not worrying, reminiscing or planning what you’re going to do next?

Live in the moment. Don’t multitask. In today’s high tech world where you can follow multiple browser tabs at once while tweeting and listening to your favorite playlist, you’ve been trained to fragment your brain into various compartments, scatter your attention, and demand instant gratification. Multitasking has become a way of life, addiction and/or survival. But that practice can lead you down a road to unhappiness.

Pets are great teachers of living in the moment
Pets are great teachers of living in the moment

Be Engaged

Immerse yourself in an activity and you’ll find greater happiness. Studies report people are happiest when they’re so focused on an activity that virtually nothing else exists. That is, they aren’t interrupted by extraneous thoughts and hours pass like minutes.  

In Buddhism, mindfulness is a practice of bringing all your awareness to the present. By doing so, you are more likely to achieve what you intend to do. Therefore, when you feel with full awareness, you are more likely to feel fulfilled.

Apple c heart symbol_40x54Fit Tip:  Living in the moment may be one of the most important lessons we learn from our pets. Dogs aren’t watching the clock or wondering how they look or how their behavior will be perceived by others. They live in the present… and just wag their happy tails. 🙂

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