New Guidelines for CPR

On October 18 the American Heart Association released new guidelines for CPR. The changes make it easier for people to perform CPR and save lives.  The AHA now recommends the CAB method, that is, Compressions first, then Airway, followed by Breathing.  The previous method recommended doing the compressions last – ABC (Airway, Breathing and Compressions).  For more information, go to:

2 thoughts on “New Guidelines for CPR

  1. This is correct, we started teaching this new position for AHA now 2011, we saw the Coconut Water PSA for the Health Reporter dot TV from Comcast’s Tri-Valley’s TV30 and it lead us to this CPR Vid from You Tube. We wanted to let the public know that are reading this now, that in our classes, we teach that they have removed the intial breaths for the lay rescuer (public) at first and have the rescuers “Pump Hard, Pump Fast” is AHA’s new statement. They have the rescuer start (alone) assuring the person that needs help(victim/Patient) is not asleep by tapping and shouting “Hey, are you alright, are you okay?” with no response the rescuer now finds the lower breastbone area on the sternum (NOT the lower tip or zyphoid process)and one hand on top of the other and/or interlocking the fingers, compress downwards a minimum of 2″ inches (for large children and adults) staying away from the ribs, up and down fast with enough time for the heart to REFILL or bringing back up your hands (staying on top of the chest) each time and doing this 30 (thirty) times. WATCH the video or sign up for our classes on our website. We even teach CPR for Healthcare folks that need to re-certify to keep their jobs (current for HR). We basically teach Adult CPR and AED usage (machine that is portable, that will shock the heart if needed and how to use it fast and SAFE). We also teach your personal safety (BBP)while helping others in emergencies.
    It was actually exciting to see here that the updated CPR version @ Thank you for providing this for your readers/viewer


    1. Thank you for providing us with more details, Dave. You are helping to save lives. Perhaps I’ll be in one of your classes sometime soon to renew! Also, thank you for watching The Health Reporter on TV 30!


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