Artery Buster

PB&C shake equivalent to 68 strips of bacon

If you’re one that can’t resist a monster milkshake once in awhile, here’s one you might want to think twice about before ordering. Men’s Health Magazine came out with the “Twenty Worst Drinks in America”. Topping the list is the Cold Stone PB&C milkshake. It’s made with peanut butter, chocolate ice cream and milk and contains 2,010 calories and a whopping 68 grams of saturated fat.

Chicken McNuggets
Triple Thick Chocolate Shake equivalent to 28 Chicken McNuggets

Calorie-wise, that’s equivalent to drinking 25 glasses of skim milk. “In terms of saturated fat,” the magazine said, “drinking this Cold Stone catastrophe is like slurping up 68 strips of bacon.” Also making the list was McDonald’s large Triple Thick Chocolate Shake. It came in third with 1,160 calories or the equivalent of 28 Chicken McNuggets.

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