Joseph Covello

Open-Heart Surgery Survivor

I have had the privilege of being an active continuous participant (generally three days per week) in health related class sessions conducted by Karen since February, 2016 through this date.  These include both cardiac rehabilitation after my heart operation and continuing heart related exercise and education classes.  This extensive involvement has been extremely beneficial to me and others from a cardiac improvement standpoint and an overall health improvement and education perspective.  All these objectives have been accomplished successfully and in a very professional manner.

Karen’s approach to this rehabilitation and educational process has been conducted in a congenial and seamless manner utilizing both her knowledge and interpersonal skills to tailor each individual’s program to their specific needs and adjust the participant’s program as progress is made or if their physical situation changes, as in my case, since I recently had spine surgery in February.  It is also very apparent that she has a wealth of knowledge on many health-related conditions and applies these using a detailed, informative, caring and friendly approach that each participant benefits from and appreciates.

Karen is extremely knowledgeable and works hard to stay current in her profession.  She conveys information calmly, is extremely organized, and always works to upgrade each participant’s goals and objective so that they maximize the effort being put forth by each individual.  She successfully adapts to dealing with an age group spread from middle age to those of us, including myself, approaching 80 years old.  It is readily apparent to all that she is dedicated to her profession and helping each participant live healthier, longer lives and is consequently deeply respected by everyone I have attended classes with.

Joseph Covello, P.E., Fellow, ASCE