Managing Man-opause

As men age, they gradually lose androgen, or testosterone, the hormone that makes men ‘men’. Hormone changes are a natural part of aging, but men and women experience these changes differently.

For women, when ovulation ends, their hormone production plummets over a relatively short period of time. Unlike this dramatic reproductive hormone plunge that women experience during menopause, sex hormone changes in men occur gradually over many years.    Continue reading “Managing Man-opause”

Fit TV | Beer Belly Anatomy 101

VIDEO: Belly fat is biologically different from fat that’s on the buttocks, thigh and hips. It secretes hormones and has its own blood supply which can lead to several life-threatening diseases. Karen Owoc, The Health Reporter, hosts this compact segment of men’s health and fitness news in The Men’s Health Minute. Writer/Producer: Karen Owoc.