Omega Muffins

Walnuts are rich in healthy essential fats.

Omega-3  and omega-6 fatty acids are essential fats that your body can’t make on its own and can only get from the food you eat. So here’s one way to slip some healthy fat into your diet.

It’s currently recommended that you consume 7-11 grams of omega-3 fatty acids each week. They’re crucial for brain function and there’s strong evidence they reduce your risk for heart disease. These fats are also great for your skin! (See Eating for Healthy Skin – Part 2.)   Continue reading “Omega Muffins”

Blueberry Blast

BlueberryBlastSometimes it’s a challenge to eat all your fruits in a day. Perhaps you miss all those luscious summer fruits that were once so abundant at the produce stand. Consider the next best thing — the frozen foods section of your supermarket!  It’s stocked with an array of colorful fruits — from berries to cherries to pineapples. Best of all, they’re available all year and perfect for whirling into a creamy lo-cal, tropical smoothie. Try one for a refreshing breakfast or a midday pick-me-up.   Continue reading “Blueberry Blast”

Zesty Home-Baked Tortilla Chips

Mission Corn TortillasTortilla chips are the classic appetizer in Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants and great for scooping up creamy guacamole and other exotic dips.  However, these tasty wedges can be packed with salt and fat.  It’s easier than you might think to make your own seasoned chips sans the grease and sodium.  In this recipe, sprinkle your chips with some fresh lime zest after baking for a flavorful citrus finish.

Tortillas are a suitable replacement for bread if you’re watching your sodium intake.  One Mission white corn tortilla has just 5 mg of sodium compared to 160 mg in one slice of whole wheat bread.   Continue reading “Zesty Home-Baked Tortilla Chips”

California Spinach Dip

Spinach plant
Spinach helps fight cancer, heart disease, and aging

If you love a traditional spinach dip, but cringe at the thought of all the saturated fat  and salt, try this! It’s the new-fashioned version of an old classic and so tasty, you’ll keep going back for more. This leafy green hors d’oeuvre contains a hefty pound of iron-rich spinach.   Serve this dip with vitamin C-rich foods, such as bell peppers and broccoli, to help absorb the iron* and boost your energy level.

*Spinach contains non-heme (non-blood) or plant iron which is not easily absorbed as is heme (blood) iron found in meat.   Continue reading “California Spinach Dip”

Cowboy Caviar

black beans spicyHere’s a no-cook California spin on tangy Texas black bean dip.  It’s rich in texture and flavor and has lots of kick!  Scoop it up with baked tortilla chips or veggies as a snack/appetizer, enjoy it as a spicy salsa over salad, tacos, grilled fish and chicken, or dish it out as a hearty side.

It’s made from a spicy base of cholesterol-free protein and fiber (black beans) and vitamin E-rich avocados. This recipe yields a lot and tastes better the longer it sits, but you’ll find it disappears fast!   Continue reading “Cowboy Caviar”