Fit TV | Sizing Up Sports Drinks

VIDEO: Amidst a market flooded with high-tech sports drinks, studies show “nature’s” recovery drink to be the most effective exercise beverage.  Writer/Producer: Karen Owoc. Sports clips from the 2010 Pacific Coast Collegiate Classic. [Segment #0016M

Top Health Fitness Apps for Mom

I Love MomMothers are special and keep busy mom lives. Help Mom simplify her life, get fit and keep her family healthy with these apps.

1. Web MD Mobile is a medical resource for a mom worried about her child’s symptoms and trying to decide whether to visit the pediatrician. Also includes a “Symptom Checker”, “First Aid” section, and information on “Drugs and Treatment” regarding usage, warnings and side effects on different drugs and vitamins.

2. Restaurant Nutrition allows moms to find dining locations and easily view nutritional information about restaurant menus. It’s loaded with over 250 restaurants and 60,000 food items. Restaurant Nutrition can show allergens and indicate gluten-free menus as well. Helpful for diabetics and people on low-sodium diets. Users can create multiple profiles and rate/review menu items! Android version

3. SafeDriver is for parents with kids that drive. This app documents acceleration, braking, cornering, and speed using the GPS on their teenagers iPhone. It allows for pre-set g-force and speed limits. When a violation occurs, SafeDriver will send a text message or email message identifying the vehicle being used, the time the program started and stopped, the set point exceeded, the time of the infraction, and the duration that the set point was exceeded.   Continue reading “Top Health Fitness Apps for Mom”

Celebrity Slimming Secrets

Ever wonder how your favorite A-list celebrities maintain their million-dollar bodies? Or snap back into silver screen shape so quickly post-pregnancy? Here are some of Hollywood’s favorite health strategies that really work and a few that you should avoid.

1. Invest in Sweat Equity:  Many celebs like Pilates, yoga and running to get fit, flexible and firm. To lose fat fast though, your choice of physical activity needs to be sustained at a level of intensity that’s appropriate for you. Long leisurely walks around the block or on the beach are great for de-stressing and innervating muscles, but won’t knock off 10 to 20 pounds anytime soon. To boost fat burning, you have to raise your heart rate for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily where you’re exercising at your ‘training heart rate’.  To determine this level of intensity, have a certified fitness trainer calculate your rate for you.   Continue reading “Celebrity Slimming Secrets”

Lifestyle and Hearing Loss – Part 2 | The Men’s Health Minute

Men far outnumber women when it comes to hearing loss. Find out why and how to prevent it. Karen Owoc, The Health Reporter, hosts this compact segment of men’s health and fitness news in The Men’s Health Minute.Writer/Producer: Karen Owoc. [Segment #0009M