Karen on KRON

Here’s a current list of our KRON 4 health segments:

For Your Fuel…

  • Carcinogens to Plastics: There’s WHAT in My Water?!
  • Chocolate 101
  • Is Black Rice the New Brown?
  • Sugar and Diabetes; Now Potassium Too?
  • Tailgating 101: How to Party and Picnic Safely
  • “Meatless” Meals Made with Meat
  • Why Meat is Linked to Colon Cancer
  • What Would Happen If You Ate 20 Servings of Fruit a Day for Several Weeks?
  • Save Your Smile with an Anti-aging Dental Diet
  • Why Caffeine Has Long-lasting Effects
  • Why Sugar Causes Wrinkles and Heart Disease
  • Salt Affects More than Blood Pressure
  • Is Too Much Protein Aging You?

For Your Weight…

  • Don’t Avoid These If You Want to Lose Weight
  • Is Your Marriage Making You Fat?
  • How to Cure Dietary Amnesia
  • Tricks to Make New Habits Stick
  • Tricks to Beat Halloween Treating
  • Eat Your Fluids and Lose Weight
  • How to Stop Dieting and Lose Weight
  • Payoffs from Losing Just 5 Pounds
  • The Truth About Exercise and Weight Loss
  • The SMART Way to Lose Weight
  • How to Bounce Back from a Binge
  • Holiday Survival Tips

For Your Heart and Brain…

  • The Link Between Gum Disease, Heart Attacks, and Alzheimer’s
  • How Plaque Attacks Your Body and Brain
  • Arthritis, Hypertension, and Dementia: How This breathing Exercise May Help
  • Chocolate for Your Heart
  • Foods that Sop Up Bad Cholesterol
  • Eat these to Lower Your Stroke Risk
  • Can Just One Fatty Meal Be All That Bad?
  • How Exercise and Turmeric Affect Your Arteries
  • How to Make Your Veins Last Longer
  • You Could Have Heart Failure and Not Know It
  • Lifestyle Linked to Dementia, Cancer and More
  • How to Stop a Heart Attack
  • Heart Attack Predictor: A Third Blood Pressure You Need to Know
  • Smell Test to Detect to Detect Brain Disease
  • Managing Childhood Heart Disease
  • Why Heart Attacks are the #1 Killer of Women

For Your Health…

  • What Not to Wear on Your Next Flight (Lifesaving Fashion Tips)
  • Are You Susceptible to Stress?
  • Beware of Drinksgiving
  • Here’s Why You May Be Carrying a 40-lb Head
  • Exercise Heart Rates Can Indicate Health and Predict Death
  • The ABC’s of Sunscreens
  • Skin Cancer Kills — Don’t Let It Get You
  • How Much Sleep is Too Little… and Too Much
  • Why Grip Strength Predicts Your Longevity
  • Does Your Voice Sound Old?
  • How Fiber Lengthens Your Life

For Your Fitness… 

  • Can You Lengthen Your Life with a Shorter Workout?
  • Motivation… What Makes YOU Move?
  • What to Eat After Exercise
  • Germs You Get from Gyms
  • Golf Link to Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Stair Climbing, Sex and Heart Attacks
  • How to Survive a Sedentary Job

For Your Friends and Family…

  • Blue Star Moms | Care Packages for Our Sons/Daughters Oversees 
  • Last-Minute Restorative Gifts for $25 and Less
  • Last-Minute Restorative Gifts for $25 and Less
  • Great Gifts for $30 and Less

For Your Pet…

  • Protect Your Pooch from Heatstroke and Severely Burned Paws