ABC 10 | Healthy 4th of July!

What do you have planned for the Fourth of July? Here are some pics of what I prepared for my guest appearance on ABC 10. Click HERE to link to the video.

Think FRESH and seasonal. There are so many sumptuous fruits and vegetables that are perfect for your picnic, party, or just you! See what’s “in season” at this time of year by scrolling over to the right column of this blog page. 


Fresh Features…


  • Burrata Bites – Fresh Italian cheese in a fresh endive leaf ‘cup’ topped with fresh diced peaches, raspberries, and toasted almonds, then drizzled with Sonoma Gold balsamic vinegar — the key ingredient!



  • Quinoa and Kale Salad with fresh mango, black beans, roasted corn, and grape tomatoes
  • Roasted Japanese Shishito Peppers – These peppers are a great source of vitamin C. One half cup provides a whopping 170% of your daily requirement. Before roasting, I spritzed these peppers with extra virgin olive oil and added a light dusting of Hawaiian sea salt, then popped them in my toaster oven.


  • Grilled Salmon Cakes on a bed of arugula and a sliced beefsteak tomato. Toppings include roasted red peppers, sliced golden tomatoes, and guacamole.



  • Black Raspberry Iced Tea – Hibiscus tea infused with fresh blackberries, raspberries, and sliced oranges topped with a splash of Blackberry Izze® for some refreshing fizz.


  • Watermelon Pie – A slice of watermelon frosted with plain nonfat yogurt + Greek cream cheese flavored with Mexican vanilla and a touch of honey, then topped with a variety of fresh berries.
  • Fresh strawberries

🇺🇸 Have a Happy, Healthy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸

By the way, this is ABC 10’s brand-new studio kitchen (all designed by IKEA). So excited to be one of the first guests to use it!

What do you think?

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