Fit Find | Low-Carb Pasta Substitute

If you’re a cardiac patient, dieter or diabetic on a low-carb eating plan and you CRAVE pasta, House Foods® Tofu Shirataki is a tasty (and gluten-free) alternative you can get excited about. It has a unique texture, but it’s still very ‘noodle-like’ and satisfying to the pasta-deprived palate.

Tofu shiratakiShirataki noodles are Japanese slippery glass noodles made with konnyaku (a member of the Japanese yam family). “Tofu Shirataki” is made by blending tofu and the flour of konnyaku to soften the texture and make it more appealing to traditional pasta fanatics.

So if you’ve missed eating noodles, you can eat them now — guilt free. I have to agree with the products’ marketers on this one in that Tofu Shirataki is a “pasta lover’s dream”. It has little flavor on its own which makes it a versatile element in any dish. They’re packed in water and there are four different shapes to choose from: fettuccine, elbow, angel hair, and spaghetti. (I prefer their larger, flat fettuccine shape over the spaghetti.)

Tofu shirataki has the following nutrients per 4-oz. serving:  

  • 3 g carbohydrate
  • 20 calories
  • 2 g fiber
  • 10% calcium
  • 0 g saturated fat
  • 15 mg sodium

Compare that with 4 oz. of traditional pasta:

  • 86 g carbohydrate
  • 424 calories
  • 3.6 g fiber
  • 2% calcium
  • 0.4 g saturated fat
  • 6 mg sodium

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Apple c heart symbol_40x54Fit Tip: Rinse the noodles well in a colander under running water after opening the package. Then parboil for 3 minutes and drain to thoroughly remove Tofu Shirataki’s rather odd aroma. (Those not used to the smell may find it unpleasant, but it will completely disappear after rinsing and parboiling.) Top with Monte Bene® Farm Fresh Pasta Sauce, add to soupssalads, casseroles, and use in Asian dishes. Enjoy!

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