Can Enzyme Supplements Prevent Gray Hair?

Q: Regarding your post on How to Prevent Gray Hair, can an individual augment the level of enzymes to generate pigmentation with pills or injections? ~ D.E., Santa Fe, NM

A: Thousands of enzymes are manufactured by the cells in all living matter with each having a specific purpose.  All chemical reactions in the body (i.e. breaking down or synthesizing compounds) are regulated by enzymes and you could not live without them.

From Body to Bottle

supplementsDue to the “more is better” mentality, there are many enzyme products and advertisements in the marketplace.  However, there is not enough clinical evidence that would support swallowing or injecting enzyme supplements to keep you healthy as well as prevent gray hair (in particular, the enzymes catalase to break down hydrogen peroxide and tyrosinase to produce melanin).

Enzymes have a short life and those you get in a bottle, even with their enteric coatings, may not get through the digestive tract to be absorbed much less live long enough to circulate through the bloodstream to the hair follicles.

Enzyme Action

Enzyme boosters for enzyme deficiencies do exist, such as:

  • Lactaid® (lactase) for individuals who cannot digest milk sugar.
  • Beano® (alpha-galactosidase) for those who cannot digest grains, legumes, and cruciferous vegetables.

These particular enzymes have to be digested in the right quantity with the problem food.

Also, a great deal of  information has been learned from targeted studies using different enzymes.  For example, a  study was conducted on mice with atheroschlerosis (fatty plaque build-up within the artery walls).  When injected with the enzyme lipase, the plaque was eliminated in the early stages of disease and reduced in advanced stages.

Apple c heart symbol_40x54Fit Tip: Being that the scientific cause of gray hair is now known and more is understood from enzyme supplementation research, it probably won’t be long before the “cure” for gray hair will be discovered. In the meantime, save your money. It’s better spent on high quality foods that keep your body healthy.  By doing so, your cells can maintain their capacity to manufacture valuable and necessary enzymes.

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